Bow Tie Day


"On  March 1, Mount St. Mary's coach Jim Phelan coached  his final game after 49 years. Throughout the weekend, coaches like Bob Huggins, Kelvin Sampson, Roy Williams and countless others paid tribute to coach Phelan by wearing  a bow tie. [ Photo Gallery ]'s Angela Lento  spearheaded this effort to honor one of the game's true gentleman. A man who won 830 wins and coached more games than anyone in history.               teamed up with
Kotty Design to provide coaches with bow ties for the weekend".     

As bow tie specialists, the staff of Kotty Design welcomed the opportunity to sponsor a rare event that featured bow ties prominently and put them in the spotlight, even if it was for a day.

We were glad to support the recognition of coach Phelan's great achievements by supplying all coaches honoring him with complimentary bow ties to wear at the ceremony. By carrying out Bow Tie Day, we at Kotty Design hope that Jim Phelan's enthusiasm with bow ties will transfer to his colleagues and others looking for an original and stylish way to dress.